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Membership in NC State's WolfPack doesn't end at graduation.

We are very proud of all of our graduates and their accomplishments, and we hope our alumni stay connected with the program and the University. Below is information on our most recent graduates from our Microbiology Graduate Programs – you can click on their names to see what they have been up to since graduation!

Information about alumni of the Master of Microbial Biotechnology (MMB) program can be found on the MMB website.

NameGraduation YearDegree
Angie Mordant2021M.S.
Hunter Whittington2021Ph.D.
“Packed-bed Bioreactors as Versatile Tools for In Vitro Microbiome Studies”
“Examination of OleT-SOR Fusions for Fatty Acid Decarboxylation Applications”
Weijue Chen2021Ph.D.
“Proteomic Analyses of Aerobic Gaseous Alkane-Oxidizing Bacteria”
Stephanie Johnstone2020Ph.D.
“Uptake of a Fluorescently Labeled Alkamide by Mammalian Cells”
Kelly Craig2020M.S.
Amelia Ellis2020M.S.
Jace Natzke2020Ph.D.
“Ethylene Production by Azotobacter vinelandii: Microbial Physiology, Bioprocess Development, and Other Unique Insights”
Alexandria Bartlett2020M.S.
Linda Salas Meza2020M.S.
Semaj McIver2020M.M.
Timothy Marks2020Ph.D.
“Development of a Genetic Toolbox for Geobacillus kaustophilus using Novel Bacteriophages GBK1 and GBK2”
*Also completed MMB degree in 2010*
Rebekah Kendall2020M.M.
Victor Oladimeji Jayeola2020Ph.D.
“Identification of Molecular Mechanisms Mediating Long-Term Survival of Salmonella on Low-Moisture Foods”
Jennifer Greenstein2020Ph.D.
“Developing Cell surface-Display of Enzymes in Thermophilic Geobacillus”
*Also completed MMB degree in 2014*
Bolin Dong2020M.M.
Alexander Duryee2019M.M.
Kyle Griewisch2019M.S.
Phillip Brown2019M.S.
*Currently enrolled as Ph.D. student*
Clara Jones2019M.S.
*For all doctoral graduates, the title of their thesis is included.