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Science Minded. Business Driven.

The Master of Microbial Biotechnology (MMB) program at NC State offers a unique blend of science and business education with practical training in the biotechnology industry. Our students participate in immersive industry experiences, professional networking, MBA-level coursework, practicum projects, and internships, which provides them with the experiences necessary for a successful career in the biotechnology industry.

Upcoming MMB Events

Visit NC State

The Graduate School is hosting a Visit NC State Program. This is an opportunity to visit our campus, at no cost, to learn more about current research of our faculty and graduate students, and to experience the quality of our graduate programs. For more information and to apply, click the link below.

Learn more about how to advance your career with NC State’s Master of Microbial Biotechnology.

Why the MMB Program at NC State?

Our two-year, non-thesis program is different than a traditional graduate program:

  • Offers Interdisciplinary academic training including MBA-level coursework
  • Develops professional skills highly valued by industry companies
  • Applies evidence-based methods to solve business problems 
  • Eases the transition into multiple bioscience industry areas
  • Prepares students to work effectively in project teams
  • Promotes flexibility and ambiguity management

Partnership with
the MMB program
at NC state

Learn about how your organization can benefit from a relationship with the MMB program

Serves as a link to the Industry Partnership Page - students meeting potential employers in industry
Poole College of Management business students meet, shake hands, and interact with potential employers at Talley Student Union. The event, “Meet the firms” was a career fair of sorts for the master’s of accounting students. Photo by Marc Hall