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Our curriculum integrates science and business knowledge with professional training in the biotechnology industry. 

Degree COURSE REQUIREMENTS are listed in the NC State official course catalog.

Training Bioscience Industry Leaders

The MMB curriculum features a unique blend of science and business courses along with a guest speaker series that features industry leaders. Through partnerships with bioscience companies, it also offers practicum projects, internships and other opportunities that help students develop the practical knowledge and invaluable professional skills they need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

MMB Graduates:

  • Possess extensive knowledge of science and business
  • Demonstrate flexibility of professional skills in multiple industry sectors
  • Adapt to change
  • Foster productive dialogue between individuals, companies, and communities
  • Apply creativity and innovation to solve problems
  • Work confidently with big data management
  • Cope with uncertainty and risk

The MMB curriculum includes courses that involve semester-long interactions with local biotechnology companies as well as a broad selection of foundational courses in microbiology, business management, data science and molecular biology. Students choose among a wide array of courses from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS), the College of Sciences, the Biotechnology Program (BIT), the Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center (BTEC),  the Data Science Academy, and the Poole College of Management.

Customize Your Degree

MMB students can choose to focus on particular concentrations that align with their career interests. Concentrations are an option and are not required.

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Sample Course Schedule

Here is an example of a typical course schedule for our two-year program. Course sequence may vary depending on availability and concentration.

Note: Please refer to individual concentration pages for sample course schedules for each concentration. 

Year OneYear Two
Fall Semester #1
– MB 585 Case Studies (required)
– BIT 510 (4 credits) OR BEC 525 and BEC 545 (4 credits total)
– Core Microbiology Course Choice (MB 714 is the recommended course)
Fall Semester #2
– MB 585 Case Studies (required)
– MB 620 Industrial Internship (required)
– One or Two BIT or BEC Electives (2 credits each)
– MBA 586 or MBA 576 or MBA elective
Spring Semester #1
– MB 585 Case Studies (required)
– Core Microbiology Course Choice or BIT 510 (if not taken in the previous semester)
– Elective
Spring Semester #2
– MB 590 Capstone Course (required)
– Science or BIT/BEC elective or other required course not yet taken
– One or Two BIT or BEC Electives (two credits each)
Summer Semester #1
Industrial Internship Experience
Summer Semester #2
MMB/MBA dual degree students may choose to complete their Second Industrial Internship Experience (if beginning MBA program the following semester)