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Financial Support

While we cannot guarantee financial aid, we work to secure teaching assistant (TA) positions for our students. The number of TA positions available each semester varies.

TA Benefits

  • Full tuition reimbursement
  • A stipend each semester; stipend amounts vary but can be as much as $8,250 per semester
  • Health insurance coverage

Also, since nine credit hours constitute a full-time graduate academic load, you may have time for part-time jobs, paid internships, etc., in lieu of a TA assignment.

Visit The Graduate School website for more information about financial aid for graduate students, and the NC State Financial Aid website for available financial aid and scholarship programs.

You can review the estimated costs of attendance for information about the full cost of attendance, including expenses beyond tuition and fees.

Visit the Cashier’s Office & Student Accounts website for more information about graduate school tuition rates.