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Michael Flickinger

Professor Emeritus

Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

BTEC 190


Dr. Michael C. Flickinger, Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and the BTEC Director for Academic Programs, is an internationally recognized expert in upstream industrial bioprocess technology, cell culture technology, biochemical engineering, industrial microbiology, intensification of bioprocesses using biocoatings, biocontainment technology, and bioprocess facilities and equipment design.

Professor Flickinger has authored over 130 academic and professional publications, holds 20 patents and has trained more than 35 graduate students in biotechnology related to processs technology. He was the former Director of the National Cancer Institute’s Fermentation Program, Founding Director of the University of Minnesota BioTechnology Institute, and is the Editor of the international Encyclopedia of Bioprocess Technology (1999), the Encyclopedia of Industrial Biotechnology (2010) and his forth coming advanced desk reference Upstream, Downstream Industrial Biotechnology (2013). His BTEC teaching efforts focus on development of new graduate courses related to emerging technologies in biomanufacturing and biocatalysis science and engineering as well as industry case studies in process development for biopharmaceutical or vaccine manufacturing.


B.S. Biochemistry University of Wisconsin, Madison 1973

M.S. Pharmacuetical Biochemistry University of Wisconsin, Madison 1975

Ph.D. Pharmacuetical Biochemistry University of Wisconsin, Madison 1977

Area(s) of Expertise

Cellular biocomposite materials, microbial C1 metabolism


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