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Online HACCP Training for Blueberry Packers

This course is a HACCP Training designed for individuals working in the blueberry industry who want to earn a HACCP certificate of completion. This online HACCP training program teaches participants how to implement and manage the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system, which was designed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a food safety management system for controlling food hazards. The International HACCP Alliance recognizes this course. Upon completion of the course, with an overall final grade of 80% or greater, you will earn a certificate of completion from the International HACCP Alliance. This HACCP certificate of completion will be recognized domestically and internationally by food safety inspectors and auditors.

The course is available on-demand, completely self-paced, and 100% online. It means you can work at your rate to complete the course. You can stop at any time, then come back later and pick up right where you left off. The course has approximately 20 hours of material to complete. Most people complete the course over a couple of days or weeks.

The course is divided into 15 sections:

  1. The History of HACCP
  2. Basic Components of HACCP
  3. Pre-Requisite Programs
  4. Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures
  5. Preliminary Tasks
  6. Food Safety Hazards
  7. HACCP Principle #1: Hazard Analysis, Hazards
  8. HACCP Principle #2: Determine Critical Control Points
  9. HACCP Principle #3: Establish Critical Limits
  10. HACCP Principle #4: Establish Monitoring Procedures
  11. HACCP Principle #5: Establish Corrective Actions
  12. HACCP Principle #6: Establish Verification Procedures
  13. HACCP Principle #7: Establish Record-Keeping Procedures
  14. Enforcement of HACCP
  15. Final Exam

The course consists of 14 sections where users read information, review examples, and take a short quiz for each section. There is no time limit for completing these sections.

The final exam consists of 30 multiple choice and short answer items that the participant must complete within 90 minutes. The final exam counts for 50% of the overall course grade. Quiz grades count for the other 50%. Participants must score 80% or higher to earn a certificate of completion.

Registration Process

  1. Click the “Enroll in Course” button above (it will take you to a new webpage).
  2. Click “Add to Cart.”
  3. Select “Proceed to Cart.”
  4. Click “Log in to Continue Order.”
  5. Log in using a guest account, not a UNITY ID account unless you are an NC State University employee. If you already have a Reporter account, click “Brickyard Guest Login.” If not, click “No Account? Sign up here.”
  6. Follow the prompts to purchase the course. After completing these steps, you’ll receive instructions on how to access the online course in the Moodle Learning Management system.
  7. To access the course, log in to and click “Access Online Course.”