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FS 416/516 Quality Control in Food and Bioprocessing

FS 416/516 Quality Control in Food and Bioprocessing

This course provides an overview of the principles of quality management, assurance and control in the food and bioprocessing industries. The objectives are for students to be able to identify government regulations, private industry standards, and customer expectations that are relevant to food and bioprocessing, apply root cause analysis methodologies, apply and evaluate control charts for monitoring process control for variables and attributes, conduct process capability analyses, apply statistical hypothesis testing, and design producer and/or customer-centered sampling plans. Lab activities alternate between guest speakers from industry and exercises in which students develop their abilities to apply computer programs to solve quality problems. Note: students may not earn credit for taking both FS 416 and FS 516.

The course is taught with a variety of case studies, videos, and interactive lessons. Students will participate in discussion forums, interactive inspection/audit exercises, and weekly assignments. This course counts towards the Food Safety Manager’s Certification Program.


Tuition varies depending on your student status, residency, and other factors. Visit the cashier’s website to find the cost of this 3-credit course. Financial aid is available through Federal Student Aid.

About The Instructor, Clint Stevenson

Learning Through the Howling Cow Case Study