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FS 250 Basics of Food Safety & Quality

FS 250 Basics of Food Safety

This online course, Basics of Food Safety & Quality, examines the programs that maintain food safety and quality in food processing environments. It is based on the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices regulations (21 CFR Part 110) and international standards for food safety pre-requisite programs in food manufacturing (ISO Technical Specification 22002-1).

This course provides students with an understanding of the foundational concepts in food safety. Students will learn how to evaluate and manage 15 pre-requisite programs: Plant Construction and Design, Supplies of Water, Air and Energy, Waste and Sewage Disposal, Suitability of Equipment and its Accessibility for Cleaning, Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance, Management of Purchased Materials, Measures for Prevention of Cross Contamination, Cleaning and Sanitation, Pest Control, Personnel Hygiene, Rework, Product Recalls Procedures, Warehousing, Product Information and Consumer Awareness, and Food Defense, Biovigilance and Bioterrorism.

The course is taught with a variety of case studies, videos, and interactive lessons. Students will participate in discussion forums, interactive inspection/audit exercises, and weekly assignments. This course counts towards the Food Safety Manager’s Certification Program.


Tuition varies depending on your student status, residency, and other factors. Visit the cashier’s website to find the cost of this 3-credit course. Financial aid is available through Federal Student Aid.

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