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Environmental Monitoring in the Dairy Industry

Environmental Monitoring in the Dairy Industry

This course is intended to provide users with the knowledge and skills required to develop and implement an Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) in the food industry. 

In this course, users will learn alongside virtual dairy processors in a virtual dairy processing facility to simulate on-the-job training. Learners will be able to choose their own learning pathway so they can see the content applied in a relevant manner that utilizes 360 degree virtual reality experiences and scenario-based questions to provide added context to the learning. 

This course is available on-demand, is self-paced, and adapts to the users’ understanding of the materials. These features make the course more manageable by providing users with the flexibility to progress at their own pace with the confidence that they are understanding the material.

How to Register for this Course

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Quick preview of the NC State Environmental Monitoring in the Dairy Industry Online Course. Complete anytime, anywhere: work at your own pace. This course is available to all, worldwide enrollment accepted.