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Charcuterie School

This short course is designed for the professional chef or anyone in the food industry that wants to learn the art and science of making high quality cured meats. The main focus will be on how to combine elements of salt and time to create love!

To accommodate your busy schedule, this workshop will be held on Monday afternoons from 1-5 p.m. Enrollment will be limited to 15 people, so you will have ample opportunity to interact with the instructors. North Carolina State University’s Processed Meat Laboratory has the equipment to demonstrate the various techniques to produce high quality and safe charcuterie.

Topics include:

  • Basic meat science and pork carcass cutting
  • Classification of different sausages
  • Microbiology and chemistry of dry/semi-dry sausage
  • Use of starter cultures
  • Production of various fresh, dry and semi-dry sausages
  • Introduction to dry-cured whole muscle specialty meats
  • Development of a HACCP plan and variance for NCREHS