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Cannabis Research Program

As a crop, cannabis continues to increase its production area, serving several markets including medicinal, recreational and industrial.

Due to the recent regulatory changes, it is now possible to perform cannabis research. Our Coalition is collaborating with multiple partners on a larger effort to accelerate research on this relatively new crop. 

We are focused on environmental optimization (light, temperature, CO2, irrigation) of CE cannabis production in an effort to increase the production of both the nursery market (producing cannabis clones) and the market for flower and flower related compounds. 

This transformative research project is funded through industry membership in the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) Coalition. Additionally, the CEA Coalition has provided grant proposal development services for this project.

Our challenge is increasing the adoptability of cannabis as a crop for different markets such as food, health and personal care products, medicinal, consumer textiles and industrial applications.

The Plan Forward

  • Determine the impact of light intensity and spectra on vegetative and flower yield
  • Optimization of light, CO2, substrate and rooting hormones to produce Cannabis clones
  • Model greenhouse Cannabis growth prediction and energy usage based on geographical location and environment

NC State’s CEA Coalition is part of a nationwide effort to increase the viability of cannabis as a crop. 

Current Collaborators 

*Project currently open for further collaboration* Contact us for more information.

  • Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research (FFAR)
  • North Carolina State University – Horticulture Department, Crop and Soil Science Department
  • Cornell University – Horticulture, Plant Breeding