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Farm buildings and rolling hills

Industry-focused, transformative research

By developing a coalition for CEA, we solve challenges from many different angles.

CEA is a cost-effective way to produce a variety of different edible and high value plant species year-round. CEA systems require a combination of engineering, plant science and technology to allow for stable control of environmental factors including temperature, light (intensity and quality), air movement, humidity and COlevels. CEA can also allow for separate control of the root-zone environment. 

Controlled Environment Agriculture Coalition

The Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) Coalition is a multidisciplinary, controlled environment research group based out of North Carolina State University. 

Comprised of research scientists, engineers and in close partnership with industry, the CEA Coalition aims to develop controlled environment agriculture (CEA) as an economically and environmentally sustainable option for agricultural practices by performing evidence-based, transformative research.

Our Coalition is industry focused; with one-of-a-kind CE infrastructure, multidisciplinary expertise and organizational agility. We are working to improve profitability, adoptability, and impact of controlled environment production.

There are many ways to engage with CEA research at NC State.

The CEA Coalition is always interested in discussing new opportunities with the industry community.

  • Membership
  • Participation in Federal and State Funded Projects
  • One-on-One Research Collaborations
  • Service Agreements
  • Gifts and Donations

Membership in the CEA Coalition offers access to our multidisciplinary expertise, state-of-the-art research facilities and key findings in an effort to establish CEA as an economically and environmentally sustainable option for agricultural practices.

Our Coalition also provides opportunities for nonmembers to leverage our resources through one-on-one projects and service agreements.

We are always interested in discussing new opportunities for engaging with the industry community.