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Web Development

Academic Development

Our team assists faculty and staff with the development of online programs that will streamline processes to reduce paperwork and provide analytic reporting. Our mission is to review your needs and develop a high-quality end product utilizing our experience with analytics, documentation, and effective programming. We also work with closely with CALS Comm to oversee the back end of our family of CALS WordPress sites.

  • Collaborate with CALS Instructors to provide customized internship support and tracking system
  • Aid with collecting class or event attendance records using a Campus ID swipe or mobile camera
  • Help CALS instructors and extension agents get started developing Wolfware Outreach-based non-credit courses and help launch them when they are ready.
  • Assist CALS instructors with troubleshooting and questions about using instructional technologies, including Moodle and Panopto, effectively.
  • Provide guidance for CALS users about finding the right home for your web content.
  • Answer questions and provide troubleshooting assistance for people who work with CALS WordPress and CALS Units WordPress sites.
  • Automating a paperwork chain (CALS Teaching Awards, Annual Faculty Reporting, CEAT, CALS Approval System (CALS Personnel), etc
  • Batch email tools for reaching a select group of CALS Students
  • Create complex, specialized websites (CALS International Programs, CALS Enrollment Analysis Tool, etc)

Contact us if you would like to discuss a new or existing project

Administrative Development

The Administrative Development Team provides application development, legacy application support and data reporting for the CALS Business Offices, Budget Officers, Research Stations and Field Laboratories. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Developing and maintaining web applications that automate Business Office processes and document business rules.
  • Assisting CALS Budget Officers with Federal Reporting by providing data and budget transaction information.
  • Supporting legacy applications that track usage and billing for groups such as The NCSU Phytotron, Electron Microscopy.. etc
  • Consulting with CALS units/ departments to find solutions for their data and reporting needs.

Contact us if you would like to discuss a new or existing project